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ASPEN Parent Portal Account Verification Instructions

What is EMCSD’s ASPEN and Parent Portal?
ASPEN is El Monte City School District’s Student Information System (SIS). Every school district has a SIS to keep records of all their enrolled students. SIS’ are used to keep important information on students and families including emergency contact and health information. Having up-to-date student records helps us best serve your student.
Our ASPEN Parent Portal is a new feature for our parents and guardians to have 24/7 access to student records. As we continue to grow this system, we plan to give parent/guardians access to student grades, schedules, attendance records, and much more! 
Is ASPEN Parent Portal the same as ParentSquare?
No. ASPEN Parent Portal is our Student Information System used to keep records of students. ParentSquare is our District’s Communication platform.
Please use the instruction listed below to access your EMCSD ASPEN Parent Portal
IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend using a computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet.
Currently, the ASPEN system is not mobile-friendly. A computer, laptop, iPad, or tablet is the best way to access the ASPEN online system. You can also use your student’s device (Chromebook). EMCSD has a 1:1 ratio for student and devices, meaning all returning EMCSD students should have been provided a Chromebook.
You can use your student’s Chromebook to access the ASPEN software.
You will receive an email from [email protected] with the subject: El Monte City School District: ASPEN Parent Portal - Back to School Forms. It will feature your login info so you can easily access your new ASPEN Parent Portal account. IMPORTANT: You must use a laptop, computer, or tablet to access the ASPEN software. The system is not currently available on mobile devices. We recommend using your student’s device (Chromebook).
To access your account - photo example of email below:
  1. Check your email for a message from [email protected]
  2. Click the link provided
  3. Enter your username and temporary password
  4. Change your password
  5. Enter your primary email and create a security question
If you did not receive an email to access your EMCSD Aspen Parent Portal account, please call you school office. To find a list of our school office phone numbers, please click here.
Inbox Email sample
Inbox Email sample
Make sure you are on the right page by seeing ASPEN in the left corner and El Monte City School District in the center.
ASPEN Login Page
You will see this pop-up message saying your password has expired and you need to make a new one. Click ‘OK’, then proceed to make a new password. Fill out the three (3) required fields and click ‘OK’.
ASPEN Login Page Password Expired
ASPEN Login Page - Create New Password
Your primary email should already be populated (see example below). Select a security question and put an answer and click ‘Submit’. This will help keep your account secured, especially if you forget your password and need to make a new one.
Security Question
After providing security question and clicking submit you will be logged into your ASPEN Parent Portal page - it looks like this. From here you can start working on your student's "Back-to-School" Form.
ASPEN Homepage after successfully logging in
Congratulations on successfully creating your ASPEN Parent Portal Account!
If you need assistance or had any trouble throughout this process, please call your school office by clicking here.