Programming Overview » Conga Kids (5th Grade Dance Program)

Conga Kids (5th Grade Dance Program)

Get ready to groove with our electrifying Conga Kids program, open to all 5th graders at absolutely no cost to them or their families! This exhilarating dance competition isn't just about moving to the beat – it's about building coordination, confidence, and lasting friendships.
As students across the district come together to learn dynamic dance routines, they're not only mastering the steps but also honing essential skills that extend far beyond the dance floor. Through hours of practice and dedication, participants develop coordination, teamwork, and discipline – qualities that are directly transferrable to success in the classroom and beyond.
But the excitement doesn't stop there. The top two winners from our district-wide competition earn the prestigious opportunity to showcase their talent at LA Live in the annual Conga Kids competition. It's an exhilarating chance to shine on a larger stage and celebrate their hard work and dedication.
Join us as we celebrate the joy of movement, foster friendships, and empower our students to reach new heights – one dance step at a time!