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The Child Welfare and Attendance (CWA) Department focuses on ensuring that all students have access to education and are supported in maintaining regular school attendance. This department supports student success by addressing attendance issues, promoting student welfare, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. 
Through a combination of monitoring, intervention, and support services, the CWA Department works to create a positive educational experience for all students, particularly those facing significant challenges.
This department works closely with various stakeholders, including school administrators, teachers, parents, community organizations, and local government agencies. This collaboration is essential for creating a comprehensive support system for students and ensuring that all aspects of their welfare are addressed.
Any questions pertaining to the Child Welfare & Attendance Department, please call (626) 442-1354.
If you need information related to El Monte City School District's Counseling and Mental Health Program, please click here.
The Team
Ilbea Fedele
Child Welfare Coordinator
Sylvia Iñiguez
Office Coordinator
Felix Rivera
Outreach Consultant for Cherrylee, Cortada, and Gidley
Martin Garcia
Outreach Consultant for Cleminson, Rio Vista, and Wright
Ricardo Padilla
Outreach Consultant for LeGore, Potrero, and Shirpser
Richard Hanson
Outreach Consultant for Columbia, New Lexington, and Wilkerson
Sigifredo Ruiz
Outreach Consultant for Durfee and Rio Hondo
Rosa Ocegueda
McKinney Vento & Foster Liaison
Wendy Carvajal
Independent Studies
Ricardo Ortega
Opportunity Program Counselor