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Mission Statement

We will be an innovative school district in which students achieve at their highest potential, surrounded by an engaged community that is proud and supportive of its educational system.
The El Monte City School District, in partnership with the students, families and the community, cultivates leadership, creativity and educational excellence. By creating multiple opportunities for learning, we develop students’ unique abilities to succeed and contribute positively in our diverse society.
Core Values
Children are our first priority. Therefore we believe..
  1. All students can learn.
  2. Student growth, academic performance and positive personal development are the highest measures of student and district success.
  3. Trust, integrity, respect, citizenship, honesty, responsibility, commitment and pride are the foundations on which our district is built.
  4. Family and community involvement in our schools is integral to the academic success of our students.
  5. Knowledgeable, motivated and inspired employees assure the success of our students.
  6. Everyone has the right to learn and work in an environment that is safe, healthy, orderly and clean.
  7. The district operates efficiently and effectively through focused leadership, fiscal responsibility and open communication, with a strong academic program as the top priority.
  1. We will improve student achievement.
  2. We will support all staff to ensure high performance, growth and development.
  3. We will develop and maintain sustainable supports for the arts, STEM, student well-being and multiple languages and cultures.
  4. We will nurture partnerships that cultivate a school-focused community.
  5. We will celebrate and promote student and employee successes, quality programs and inspirational people and organizations.
  6. We will maintain fiscal integrity and stability while supporting the vision, mission, core values and goals of the District.