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MTSS Overview

What is MTSS?
MTSS is a comprehensive framework that aligns academic, behavioral, and social-emotional learning in a fully integrated system of support. It benefits all students, and it serves the whole child. MTSS supports the belief that every student can learn and excel and it creates universal access through equitable resources.
Fundamental Components
High-quality instruction: High expectations and evidence-based, differentiated core instruction. Linguistically and culturally appropriate.
Continuum of intervention & support: Access to increasingly intensive intervention and support; students’ movement between tiers is fluid.
Data & assessment: Universal screenings and continuous progress monitoring are used to inform decisions for all students.
Data-based problem solving & decision making: Data guides decisions regarding effectiveness and student responsiveness to instruction, intervention, and support.
Fidelity of implementation: All staff provide as intended.
Continuum of Support
Tier 1
Focus: All students (100% receive Tier I and around 80% should adequately respond to Tier I)
Setting: General education
Resources: Core instruction, behavior management strategies, intervention, and support
Assessment: Universal screeners
Tier 2
Focus: Some students (around 15% may require Tier I and Tier II)
Setting: General education
Resources: Supplemental, targeted intervention and support
Assessment: Progress monitoring
Tier 3
Focus: Few students (around 5% may require Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III)
Setting: General education
Resources: Intensive, targeted intervention and support
Assessment: Progress monitoring