Mental Wellness Newsletters » January 2023: Stronger Together Newsletter

January 2023: Stronger Together Newsletter

Happy New Year from the EMCSD Wellness Team!
This month the our wellness team wants everyone two focus on two important areas: academics and the use of technology. Using Habit #4: Think Win-Win, we want everyone to see how this relates to ways we approach monitoring technology use with your students. 
What does "Think Win-Win" mean? 
  • Thinking about others and their feelings as well as our own
  • Figuring out what the problem is
  • Looking for creative ways to make both people happy
  • Trying to be a good friend to others
  • Being a bucket filler as often as possible
  • Not always letting the other person have their way, but not always having our way either
Using Habit #4 in regards to technology: Take into account the importance technology has on your child’s academic and social life and help them create healthy habits. Utilize a win-win approach. Work with your child to start identifying better ways to monitor and manage their use of technology while still keeping their wants in mind.
You can find this and much more in this month's edition of Stronger Together Newsletter. 
Spanish version is coming soon!