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Before & After School Enrichment

Are you ready for your child to embark on a multitude of adventures inside and outside of the classroom? Then sign up for our Before & After School Enrichment at El Monte City School District.
Our Before & After School Enrichment is where you will find ALL of your before and after-school needs, including our child care program, which runs as early as 6:30 a.m. and as late as 6:00 p.m.!
To be able to sign up, you must create a 6Crickets account. Creating a 6Crickets account and registering for our Sparking Ingenuity programs is required for your student to access any before or after-school enrichment activity, including sports, study trips, music, dance, film academy, and so much more! You can read about all of our unique offerings in our Programs tab, or click one of the items on the right menu (if using a computer or tablet) or scroll down to the bottom of this page (if using a mobile device).
What is 6Crickets?
6Crickets is the system we use to organize and track all our extracurricular needs. Signing up is simple. Follow these steps, and we will get your account up and running so you can start selecting options for your student in the upcoming school year!
How do I make an account and register?
It's easy! We have made step-by-step instructions so you can easily access what you would like your child to participate in next year!
Instructions are provided in English, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), and Vietnamese. We recommend you follow these instructions to best utilize the system. We also have a video that will show you how to register below.