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4th Grade Sacramento Info Meeting - Commitment Forms Have Been Sent Home!

As promised, a video recording of Tuesday's meeting is now available. If you missed Tuesday's meeting, click the button below to watch it. You can watch in English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese. We will be hosting another Information Meeting on Tuesday, December 12 at 6:00pm. To watch the next meeting, click here: 


You can watch last week's Sacramento Info Meeting from December 5, HERE 


The information will be the same, but we wanted to give you all another opportunity to ask more questions (if you have any). Below is a list of some of the popular questions we received, with answers.

You can follow along with the presentation in different languages too. Access English, Spanish, Chinese, and Vietnamese copies of the slides below:


English Google Slide - 4th Grade Sacramento Study Trip

Spanish Google Slide - 4th Grade Sacramento Study Trip

Chinese Google Slide - 4th Grade Sacramento Study Trip

Vietnamese Google Slide - 4th Grade Sacramento Study Trip

Commitment Forms are Due Thursday, December 14 - No Later!

You should have received commitment forms yesterday, or will receive them today. These forms are being sent home with your 4th grade student and are due by Thursday, December 14. No exceptions for late forms because we have to make sure we reserve the necessary airline and bussing tickets needed for the trip.


If you lost your form or need a new one, you can pick one up at your school's front office before Thursday, December 14.


Remember, commitment forms are due Thursday, December 14!

Which grade level is the Sacramento Study Trip for?

  • The Sacramento Study Trip is for 4th Graders only


When is the Sacramento Study Trip?

  • The trip is scheduled for the week of March 18. Exact dates will be shared through your individual school site and based on availability of flights.


When is the commitment form due?

  • Commitment form is due Thursday, December 14. No late forms will be accepted.


Why can't you accept late commitment forms?

  • Because we need to secure plane tickets and bussing to the exact number of students attending, we cannot accept late commitment forms. If you are interested in sending your student, please submit your form by Thursday, December 14.


What happens to the students who do not go to the Study Trip?

  • They will attend school as usual. There will be no disruption to their learning if they stay behind at school.


I lost for my form or my student did not bring one home. What do I do?

  • Please go to the school office and pick up a form. You must do this before December 14.


How long is the trip?

  • It is a 1-day study trip. Students will depart on busses from their schools early in the morning to the airport. They will return from their study trip in the evening at their school site?


Do parents take students to the airport?

  • No. Students must be dropped off at school and picked up at school.


Can parents volunteer as chaperones/volunteers (even if they pay for their own travel expenses)?

  • Due to our contract with WorldStrides and security purposes, only EMCSD staff can be chaperones for this trip.


What is the student to staff ratio?

  • We will have 1 EMCSD staff member for every 10 students attending this study trip.


What time is the departure to Sacramento and arrival back to school?

  • Travel to Sacramento will be early in the morning and arrival will be late in the evening. Exact times will be shared once we receive commitment forms and secure travel tickets.


How are students getting to airport?

  • EMCSD is providing transportation to the airport via bus.


Do students need IDs or Passports to ride on the plane?

  • No. Since the students attending are minors (under 18), they do not need identification or a passport. However, they can and should bring their school ID.


Can they bring cell phones?

  • Yes.


What is allowed on the plane?

  • We will provide recommended packing lists as we get closer to the trip. Students will only need a carry-on backpack since this is a 1-day trip (leaving in the morning and coming back in the evening).


Can students bring a stuffed animal on the plane to be comfortable?

  • Yes. As long as it fits in your carry-on backpack.


Will they be fed?

  • Yes. We will provide food for students on the trip.


Is this really a "free" trip?

  • Yes. EMCSD is covering the travel costs for students to attend this 1-day study trip to Sacramento.