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FAQs – Medicaid Billing for School-Based Services

FAQs – Medicaid Billing for School-Based Services
1. Will I ever be billed for school-based services that my child receives?
No. You will never receive a bill from the district, and there is no cost to you or to your child for schoolbased health services, regardless of your child’s Medicaid eligibility. Bills for eligible school-based services
provided to children who are Medicaid eligible are submitted to Medicaid for reimbursement.
2. Do I have to be involved in the billing process in any way?
You will only be asked to provide the district with your consent for Medicaid billing. Parents have no other
responsibilities in this process.

3. Does this program (and my consent) impact my child’s Medicaid benefits in any way?
Whether or not you give consent, Medi-Cal will continue to pay for medically necessary health-related
services your child receives outside of school. Further, the district’s participation in this program and your
consent should not impact your child’s benefits in any way.
4. How does the district use the funds received from Medicaid billing?
The district uses Medicaid funds to supplement the cost of the services being performed at school sites every
day. In addition, these funds are used to support additional family outreach efforts, school health offices,
updating testing equipment and materials, purchasing supplies, etc., in an effort to support all children in
the district.
5. Will the district stop providing services for my child if I do not provide my consent to bill Medicaid?
No. Without your consent for billing, your child will continue to receive care but the district will not receive
Medicaid funds for the eligible services that your child may be provided. Other district funds will be used to
support the full cost of these necessary services.
6. What if I change my mind after I have already provided you with my consent?
You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time (a withdrawal will not be retroactive). See the front
desk at your child’s school if you’d like to make a change.
7. What information is shared, with whom, and what guarantees exist to ensure confidentiality of these

The education records that may be shared include: child’s name and date of birth; health-related
evaluation, intervention, and referral information (for services received at school); practitioners’ notes
related to these health services; and, select data from child’s IEP/IFSP (if applicable). The district’s
reimbursement recovery vendor is bound by a contract that contains specific provisions to keep student
records confidential and secure, ensuring information is not used or disclosed inappropriately; further, our
vendor is HIPAA compliant. In addition, the district and DHCS are bound by agreements that include
specific provisions about the use of the information shared in this program, and explicit security protocols
to keep your child’s information confidential and secure.