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COVID-19 Dashboard

The El Monte City School District prides itself on providing accurate and transparent information in regards to COVID-19 cases throughout our schools and offices. The data below is provided voluntarily and will be updated as cases throughout the District are confirmed. We maintain that although this information is provided for transparency, the District will honor the privacy and confidentiality of our students and staff.
Cases indicated on the dashboard represent reported confirmed active* COVID-19 positive cases who were (one of the following):
  • symptomatic while on a District site
  • were on a District site 48 hours prior to their symptoms beginning
  • or were on a District site 48 hours prior to the date on which they took a COVID-19 test that led to a positive result despite being asymptomatic.
Once a case is no longer within its "active" period, it is removed from the dashboard. 
When the District is made aware of a confirmed positive case, contact tracing is initiated and all individuals who were identified as a close contact (per CDC definition) are informed directly and advised on next steps (based on current LACDPH Exposure Management guidance).  
Dashboard may be updated regularly throughout the day as new cases are added and non-active cases are removed. 
* Active is defined as within the 10 days of a positive cases' isolation period. 
Please note the information below is not a cumulative record but reflects current active cases as of the updated date.
Location Approximate # of Daily Students and Staff (in-person) Current Confirmed Active Cases Proportion of Site Population Testing Positive
Cherrylee 378 1 0.0026
Cleminson 430 1 0.0023
Columbia 827 0 0.0000
Cortada 529 1 0.0019
Durfee 1101 4 0.0036
Gidley 553 2 0.0036
LeGore 607 0 0.0000
New Lexington 349 1 0.0029
Potrero 803 0 0.0000
Rio Hondo 730 0 0.0000
Rio Vista 524 0 0.0000
Rio Vista Children Center 48 0 0.0000
Shirpser 628 2 0.0032
Wilkerson 398 0 0.0000
Wright 702 2 0.0028
District Sites      
District Office 142 0 0.0000
Central Kitchen 39 0 0.0000
Child Development Office (Loma) 61 0 0.0000
Jeff Seymour Family Center 32 0 0.0000
Total Active Cases 8881 14 0.0016
Cases Reported Today 5  
Last Update--12/2/22
11:00 AM
**Please note that any cases listed reflect cases that were on a District site at some point during the current 10 day active period. Cases listed in the "ACTIVE CASES REPORTED ON DAY OF UPDATE" row were not necessarily on a site the day in which they were reported. This information is updated throughout the day.
Communication Process for Confirmed Positive Cases of COVID-19
In the event there is a positive COVID-19 case, contact tracing begins immediately to determine if there was anyone who would be considered a close contact, per CDC definition. The CDC definition of close contact is, anyone who was within 6 feet of a confirmed positive case for more than 15 minutes in a 24 hour period.
All individuals who were on that site at the same time as the confirmed positive case will receive a notification that there was a confirmed case regardless of whether they are a close contact or not. 
All confirmed close contacts will be contacted directly and provided information regarding their next steps, which are based on LACDPH exposure management protocols.
*Current confirmed cases are within a 10-day period of testing positive for COVID-19.
*Number of daily staff and students on campus are approximates based on enrollment and staff rosters. Daily numbers may change, but will not be reflected on this dashboard because a student or staff absence does not necessarily mean it was COVID-19 related. Ex. scheduled vacation day, doctors appointment, other ailments, etc.