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Astronomy Night at Rio Hondo

The students from Rio Hondo School had an experience out of this world during their Astronomy Night! Astronomy Night was held to teach our community about space, planets, stars, and our solar system. The best part about this event was that the students were doing all of the teaching. 
There were booths set up with different activities that the community could participate in, and the students led them all with their vast knowledge of astronomy. “One of the booths was very informative. Learned about the moon rotating around the sun,” shared Muriel A., Rio Hondo Parent.
Astronomy Night allows the community to come together. “It gets everyone together, and it’s fun. I haven’t seen this many people together in a while,” expressed Rio Hondo Parent, Angie C. “Learned about the planets; it’s all fun and creative.”
“Helps the kids more so they can be immersed and expand their knowledge,” stated Vincente S, EMCSD Parent. “It's interactive, and they get to do it outside of a classroom environment.”