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Yvette Hall is EMCSD’s Outstanding Educator

Yvette Hall, teacher from El Monte City School District (EMCSD), was awarded the Robert “Bobby” Salcedo Esperanza Award for Outstanding Educator at last week’s 20th Annual Tamalada. Presented by the El Monte Promise Foundation and the Bobby Salcedo Foundation, the award is given to educators who exemplify Bobby’s tireless commitment to education.
Yvette Hall was raised in this community and sees herself in her students. As a teacher in the classroom, she hopes to inspire her students to dream big. “I know how important a little nudge can be,” she shared in her acceptance speech. “I want to inspire my students to see themselves beyond the walls of their classrooms and beyond the boundaries of this city. There’s an entire world to be explored.”
Mrs. Hall’s tenure in EMCSD began as a student, attending Durfee for elementary and middle school before moving on to Arroyo High School. After college and receiving her credential, she returned to her home district, teaching at Potrero School then Frank Wright. “One of the many reasons why I wanted to become an educator is because I love to learn…teaching has offered me an opportunity to share my passions with others and to continue learning and growing.”
Mrs. Hall’s reputation is well known throughout EMCSD, especially by her colleagues. Mr. Isaac Cuevas, fellow Wright teacher said, “[Yvette] truly embodies the essence of this distinguished award. I am the teacher I am today because of her invaluable mentorship. It is educators like her who light the path for the next generation, instilling in them the belief that they can achieve anything they set their minds to.” Mrs. Hall's commitment to educating her community is evident in the plethora of programming that she has pioneered or is running. She is a mainstay in EMCSD’s Saturday GATE program where she has taught students computer coding, multimedia, and photography. At Potrero, she organized an educational Parent Camp to empower the community and equip parents with the tools to actively participate in their childrens’ learning journey.
EMCSD Superintendent, Dr. Maribel Garcia, shared that Mrs. Hall’s recognition is not just well-deserved, but celebrated beyond the foundations of Wright School. “We learned of her win at our November Board of Education meeting and the staff and families in attendance cheered with great enthusiasm when her name appeared on the screen. Mrs. Hall's unwavering dedication shapes the minds of our students while also personifying the beating heart of our district's mission.”
Even after the celebrations, Mrs. Hall’s work continues. Currently, she is helping lead Wright’s Youth Cinema Project, a film and media production program where students create Public Service Announcements (PSA). Students write, star, direct, and produce these PSAs and they will debut at the Los Angeles Latino International Film Festival in May.
“Her selection as an outstanding educator in El Monte is a proud moment for El Monte City School District, and it makes us even prouder to know she is a former EMCSD student herself.  Her commitment to students, respect from peers, and visionary leadership make her indispensable in building a brighter future for our community,” said Dr. Garcia.
There are many things that qualify Yvette Hall for the Esperanza Award, but the one that holds the most weight is her dedication to her students. “I want my students to feel seen, heard, and to empower them to speak their truth. So, I listen, I open my doors and provide a safe place to escape the busyness of their day. As a middle school teacher, I don’t often get to see the results of the seeds that we’ve planted, but I tell them that I’m forever their biggest cheerleader!”