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Welcome to the El Monte City School District's Communication page!
We're committed to fostering an equitable and inclusive environment where every voice is heard, valued, and empowered. We understand that different perspectives enrich our collective experience, and we're dedicated to ensuring that our communications reflect the diverse tapestry of our school community.
Our dedicated communications team is here to serve you, tirelessly working to provide transparent, timely, and relevant updates. Whether you're a parent seeking vital school information, a student eager to explore new opportunities, or a staff member seeking support, we're at your service.
The Communications Department operates under the guidance of the Superintendent and is led by Public Information & Communication Officer Robert Dozamti to make sure everything is communicated directly and effectively. Please email [email protected] for any news stories, tips, or questions. 
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The Team
Robert Dozmati, Public Information & Communication Officer
Gabriela Angel, Communication Intern
Jasmine Velazquez, Communication Intern
Social Media Accounts
Instagram: @elmontecitysd
Facebook: @elmontecsd